Medicare Survey and Certification Letter Addresses Reportable Infection Control Breaches Applicable to All Certified Providers

click here to learn more...Medicare regulations for various certified providers/suppliers require adherence to generally recognized infection control standards.  Surveyors evaluate the implementation of these requirements during facility surveys.

When a State Agency (SA) or accrediting organization (AO) confirms that evidence of one or more of the breaches described below has been identified, in addition to taking appropriate enforcement action to ensure correction of the deficient practice, the SA or AO should also make the responsible State public health authority aware of the identified breach.

·         Breaches to Be Referred

§  Using the same needle for more than one individual;

§  Using the same (pre-filled/manufactured/insulin or any other) syringe, pen or injection device for more than one individual;

§  Re-using a needle or syringe which has already been used to administer medication to an individual to subsequently enter a medication container (e.g., vial, bag), and then using contents from that medication container for another individual;

§  Using the same lancing/fingerstick device for more than one individual, even if the lancet is changed.
SAs may refer infection additional control breaches if recommended by their State public health authorities. AOs also have discretion to refer additional breaches they believe require public health assessment and management. The Centers for Disease Control & Prevention (CDC) works with States on HAI prevention activities; many States have designated HAI Prevention Coordinators.

For a copy of the CMS Survey and Certification letter click here.  For more information, contact any member of the Krieg DeVault Health Care Practice Group. 

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